12 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Next Outback 4WD Adventure

    1. Never go alone on an off-road vehicle to the remote tracks in the outback. Form a group of at least two cars. The safest way is for a professional tag-along tour provider to take care of it.
    2. Even if it is tempting, you should not leave the bitumen roads with a 2-wheel drive vehicle. The risk of vehicle damage is too high. Your hire company will usually not allow it anyway.
    3. If you plan a tour of the outback, leave the travel route and travel dates with known friends or family members. Check in occasionally so you do not have to worry about your whereabouts.
    4. Suppose you want to go alone, plan carefully and be well-equipped. It is advisable to entrust yourself with a competent tag-along tour provider for the first tour. You can learn how to do it correctly, e.g., what equipment you need for breakdown assistance and why a second spare wheel could be crucial. There is much more to consider, such as the road conditions, the weather forecast, the overnight- and petrol stops, the availability of food and water, suitable map material, and much more.
    5. You will deepen your skills and knowledge in dealing with problems that can occur in the outback in a better and less stressful manner.
    6. Treat your rental car as if it were your vehicle. In an emergency, you will appreciate a well-functioning car.
    7. Communication is also essential in the outback. You should have at least one EPIRB with you, which can at least show your position in an emergency. A satellite phone is, of course, better. Mobiles alone are not sufficient due to the lack of coverage. All vehicles should be equipped with a UHF radio so that they can talk to each other.
  1. When you go on a tour of the outback, you should feel fit and full of energy. Don’t forget to take your medication with you that you take regularly and have some supplies with you if you are late.
  2. Permits are required for many routes in the outback. The same applies to visiting Aboriginal reserves when they are attended or crossed. Obtain these documents always before starting the trip. Incidentally, you do not transport alcohol visibly when driving through indigenous areas. Natives should not take photos without their express consent.
  3. It would be best if you did not continue driving after dark. Wild animals and cattle pose a high risk of accidents. Find a parking space where you can spend the night. Finding the perfect shady spot and parking under a big tree is tempting. But watch out for large branches. They can break down, injure you and damage your vehicle.
  4. Never sleep in a river bed. Rainfalls that come down far can cause flooding. You should ensure no crocodiles before you go on water sports in tropical waters.
  5. The most important advice is: If something goes wrong, stay calm. If a breakdown has occurred that you cannot remedy or an emergency has happened that cannot be rectified without outside assistance, call for help and stay with your vehicle. Wait until help arrives, and under no circumstances, leave your car.


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