Conditions of participation

  1. OTTO Tours Australia reserves the unrestricted right to further develop travel routes, course content, and timetables without prior notice, without any liability claim arising for whatever reason.
  2.  OTTO Tours Australia assumes no liability for damage caused by negligence, which could arise from participation in the offered Tag-Along Tours.
  3.  OTTO Tours Australia cannot be held liable for errors or omissions by suppliers.
  4. The participant agrees to follow the instructions given by the organizer. If this does not happen, a premature termination of further participation in a course or trip can occur. In this case, there are no refunds possible.
  5. For private lessons and weekend courses, any fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. If one should not attend the booked day of the event, he can move to another event. Please contact the organizer, who can only allocate such places if available
  6. For Tag-Along Tours, unless otherwise stated in the offers, a 20% deposit of the trip price is due upon registration. OTTO Tours  Australia has the right to withhold a processing fee of $ 150 for withdrawing a registration.
  7. If one withdraws after the registration deadline, there is no refund of the trip price possible. The following apply
  8. Cancellation conditions :
    20% of the travel price is due up to 60 days before the start of the trip
    40% of the travel price is due up to 40 days before the start of the trip,
    60% of the travel price is due up to 30 days before the start of the trip
    80% of the travel price is due up to 14 days before the start of the trip,
    After that, 100% of the travel price is due
  9. In the case  OTTO Tours Australia has to cancel the tour for reasons for which it is responsible, we refund the amounts paid up to that point in full. No further claims for damages were accepted.
  10.  OTTO Tours Australia’s general terms and conditions apply. The guests participating in a 4WD event have to sign a disclaimer.
  11. Place of performance and jurisdiction: Perth, Western Australia
  12. Participants highly recommend taking out a comprehensive letter of protection with travel cancellation insurance and vehicle salvage insurance.
  13. With the registration, the participant confirms that he agrees with the mentioned conditions.

Risk description / liability regime

It is known to the participant that participating in an outback day along tour can be associated with certain dangers and risks, which can result in injury, illness or an inconvenience. Likewise, the property carried as well as the vehicle can suffer damage.

The participant expressly confirms that he holds the organizer Otto Tours Australia free of any liability. Participation is entirely at your own risk.

By registering, the participant confirms that he agrees to this liability regulation.