About Otto Tours Australia

Tourdirector, Coach Captain Otto Schaechtele

Gabriela Himstedt & Hans Nuber

Owners / Operators, Tour Directors, Coach Captains

We have been living and travelling in Australia since 2012 and have gained extensive experience in the tourism sector during this time. As a family-run company based in Perth, Western Australia, we greatly emphasise professional, friendly and personal care. Adventure trips in small groups are our specialty, guaranteeing an intense and personal travel experience.

Our travels are based on the extensive experience we have gained by travelling Australia, Europe, Africa and the Indian subcontinent with our own campers and 4WDs. We use this expertise to provide our customers with valuable information and tips for their trip to Australia.

Inspired by the diversity that Australia has to offer as a remote paradise, we would like to share these unique experiences with you. Our goal is to provide every guest with an unforgettable journey.

Having experienced the unparalleled landscapes of Australia, the encounters with the diversity of flora and fauna, the magic of the semi-deserts and deserts in their uniqueness, their incomparable shapes and colours, their seemingly endless expanses, in their frugality, which nevertheless unfold an unexpected spectacular splendour of colours in their prime, give an immediate experience of nature and touch the soul.

We will take you wherever you want: To the great tourist routes or where the mind finds its natural rhythm again, your spirit and soul can recover, and the head becomes free. We are the ones who will make your trip an unforgettable experience with attention to detail and speciality.