The encrusted waterwheel - Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, near Augusta,


09 - 12 May 2021


All Day

Southwest of Western Australia Tour | 4 Days

The most original Australia is most likely to be found in the Southwest of Western Australia (Western Australia). Only a few first-time visitors find this worth a trip. It doesn’t have to be. Western Australia is definitely worth a trip for anyone who feels like going to Australia. The

The emerging tourist region of Western Australia spans a third of Australia’s total land area with approximately two and a half million inhabitants, of which more than 2 million live in Perth, the only coast followed by an extensive hinterland that is also worth exploring. They are accompanied by metropolis in the west of the continent, beautifully situated in the south-west on the Indian Ocean. Most of the places worth seeing are located in a wonderful color spectrum, and at night you can experience an obvious starry sky.

A trip through Western Australia is an extraordinary experience and should be experienced in stages. Therefore, this tour is a continuous overland trip between Perth and Darwin. Their length is about 8000 km, including the side roads and the tour through the south-west. With a minibus with a maximum of 14 seats, the number of participants is limited and manageable, making maximum flexibility possible. This is the only way to perceive and experience the sequence of numerous unique attractions, including the World Heritage Sites. Our tour is deliberately carried out in the climatically dry season since pleasant temperatures prevail throughout the Australian winter and spring. In September, the wildflowers can also be seen in full bloom. For climatic reasons, we hold the second appointment immediately afterward in the opposite direction, starting in Darwin and ending in Perth. However, especially in the tropical north, weather-related changes in the travel itinerary must always be expected. We offer an Australia program for everyone who wants to experience Australia in its diversity, vastness, infinity, and originality. On request, you can participate in a six-day additional program in the country’s extreme south-west.

You can expect consistently good roads – exceptions are possible – a long, intensive driving program with regular breaks. Overnight stays are in local hotels, motels, chalets, park homes, and comfortable safari tents. The cheapest options for meals are to be found outside the hotels, so only the daily breakfast is included. Drivers and tour guides will know what is right for them. Nevertheless, it makes sense to bring a lot of perseverance, willingness to help, comradeship and willingness to help to guarantee a good success of this extraordinary, multifaceted journey promising.

The event is finished.