Travelling by car is my passion. Now I wanted to drive something extraordinary, a challenge! Then I came across the Tag Along Tour through the CSR, which Otto Tours did. However, I do not tend to travel in groups. But I courageously booked with a lot of ‘If’ and ‘Aber’ and started …… with trembling knees! It was the most beautiful tour with the most significant challenges I have ever driven! I highly recommend it! :)! With a Tag Along Tour, you are in a group but also on your own. Distance from everyday life, distance! Just great! To experience the Canning Stock Route to experience, it is something extraordinary. It goes over stick and stone, sand and dune; dune up, dune down, just desert. Bright sunshine, endless expanses – overgrown – overgrown -,

A tour that challenges and makes it possible to switch off from everyday life. A remarkable calm interrupted by the diesel engine’s heavy hum, an occasional message from the radio, a short chat when someone comes to meet, which is rarely the case. Otherwise, you are alone. The experienced tour guide Otto from Otto Tours knows his way around. It ensures excellent success with his extensive knowledge and know-how, is tirelessly at hand with advice and action, is extremely helpful and relaxed. Flat tire? No problem! Is cooking gas empty? No problem! Etc. Etc. etc.! Try it! This tour is extraordinary! Admittedly, you also meet – albeit extremely rarely – people who do not like behaviour appropriate to the bush and who are not very sensitive to their fellow travellers’ resources in addition to their own. They want to have fun at the expense of others. But sooner or later, they will realize that a functional car, cooperation, consideration, and respect are the be-all and end-all of such a trip. The humility in this regard has still reached everyone. Living and travelling in harmony with nature brings a beautiful, unforgettable experience.

Gisela Sunset

Text and Images by Gisela S.

Gisela Red Rock
Gisela Outback

Thank you Gisela for your wonderful report.