Coach Tour Evaluation

Dear Sirs and Ms Holler

We would like to congratulate you on the successful trip “Western Australia overland”, here 06.09.19 – 28.09.19,

You have made a very excellent choice with your partner Otto Schächtele.
We have only very rarely experienced such a competent and open-minded tour guide on our travels throughout the world. Despite the stressful journey, we were able to ask him questions about God and the world and always received qualified and detailed information.
He responded to the wishes of the tour participants in the best possible way. Due to his great competence, we were always in close contact with the local population and experienced Western Australia as no other visitor gets to see. Western Australia is original Australia in contrast to the touristically overcrowded Eastern Australia. On tour, we repeatedly visited sights that were not included in the description, and the tour guide has explained everything to us in detail.
The accommodation was all clean and appealing. Due to the remoteness of some places, they cannot always be five-star accommodation.
We want to go on more trips with Otto Schaechtele. Unfortunately, the offer at IKARUS Tours is minimal.
Perhaps you could offer more trips in consultation with him.
With such an excellent tour guide, the demand for other tours should not be a problem.
Looking forward to furthering trips to Australia with Otto Tours, we remain
with kind regards

Edeltraut & Peter Schwarz